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Ancient monuments

Langsteinen - Photo Frode Jenssen

Steigen Fortidspark
One of the richest archaeological areas in Northern Norway.
Steigen Fortidspark, near Steigen Church on the island of Engeløya, explains history in the landscape in which it happened. Important archaeological sites along the path are signposted while information at rest areas explains the history between graves and tofts. This is a museum with a difference – free entry and open every day around the clock. You can enter the exhibition and literally touch history. This is part of Steigen Municipal Council’s “Footprints Northwards” project.

Visitors to Steigen Fortidspark can see sights including:
- Langsteinen, Northern Norway’s largest menhir (stone monument)
- Sigarshågen, Iron Age grave mound
- Vollmoen, Iron Age settlement (arranged in a ring)

Engeløya – a guided tour in the Realm of Iron Age chieftains
”The Vikings” guide guests through some of the richest archaeological areas in Northern Norway. Visit Bygdetunet, Prestegårdshagen, Steigen Medieval Church and Batterie Dietl.
Outdoor dining at Vollmoen if desired. We can arrange white-tailed sea eagle safaris by express boat in Norway’s most abundant white-tailed sea eagle areas.

Rock carvings

Animal rock art at Leiknes - Photo Frode Jenssen

Animal rocks at Leiknes
The Leiknes field is one of Northern Europe’s largest and best rock carving fields. Here, you can see rock art with a total of 55 figures with life-size representations of moose, reindeer, bear and killer whale. The rock carvings are believed to be around 9000 years old. The figures are cut/polished on the dark rock, a technique that only exists in North Nordland. Turn off the E6 around 2 km from the Bognes ferry landing.

Sagelv rock carving field - Photo Frode Jenssen

Sagelv rock carving field
Tømmernes on the E6, near the turn-off to Steigen.
Reindeer – around 8000 years old

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